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Lake Como, NJ 07719
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On October 26, 1947, a group of 25 men and women, met for worship in the house of Mr. & Mrs. Hyers, in Allenwood, New Jersey. They formed the nucleus of what would eventually become The Gospel Tabernacle.

By February, 1948, services were moved to the First Aid Building in South Belmar (now Lake Como). That year a building fund was started with a gift of $5, a lot on Main Street was purchased, and in November a down payment was made on a former government-owned war surplus building that had once been used as a civilian mess hall. The congregation purchased the building for $1,000, which included transportation and placement on a foundation. The structure was originally supposed to be 90 feet long but because state laws would not permit transportation on the highways of a building of that length, it was cut down to 54 feet. Later, as the church fellowship grew, In the summer of 1957 construction began. The new building was built up and over the top of the original chapel and it included a new sanctuary, a baptismal and classrooms were added. The building stayed in this condition for nearly 55 years.

In October of 2012, Grace Tabernacle was purchased by David Hernandez and his family to convert the church into a state of the art funeral home. Two weeks later Hurricane Sandy devastated the area with a direct hit on Lake Como and the towns along the Jersey Shore. It was after seeing the devastation to our town that a new purpose and design was applied to the construction of the funeral home. Changes were made to create an atmosphere that captures the beauty of the surrounding "shore" area and natural light with each sunrise over the ocean. Construction began once again on the Grace Tabernacle building, converting the building into the future Oceanside Memorial Home.

In October of 2013, construction completed and the doors opened to families in need. Oceanside Memorial Home opened to immediately begin receiving the trust of families in need. Oceanside Memorial boasts a 250 seated chapel, family centers, elevator, and is one of the most state of the art facilities in the area. 

Although facilities and accommodations are important, Oceanside Memorial is made of much more than brick and mortar.  Each funeral director believes in the value of honoring every life with dignity and respect. We believe in the CARE OF PEOPLE. It is this philosophy that was the foundation of Grace Tabernacle, and is the foundation of Oceanside Memorial.   

The Hernandez family will continue to work to earn the trust of the families in the Shore area, similar to the thousands of families that have placed their trust in us for over 48 years with our other homes, Waitt Funeral Home in Morganville and Old Bridge Funeral Home in Old Bridge.

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